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Lightroom users, I am looking for a way to enhance my exif searches. I can see some exif in Preview and some in LR, but neither gives me everything. I am specifically looking for the mode I’ve shot in and the zoom type I’ve used. I can’t see that much in LR6 or Preview.

I’d prefer some sort of LR plugin so I can flag the pix but failing that I will take another app.


In LR library view, right panel metadata section — you can choose what to see by clicking on the left bar in that section - drop down has exif and it shows everything.

Another option is “viewexif” app— i have it on my iphone/ipad. Not sure if it is also for mac.

Wow thanks! I had missed that little arrow (grey/black does not work well for me)

Sadly the info I wanted isn’t there. I know it’s in there somewhere as someone on Windows was able to point out that I’d used Digital Zoom.

I’ll check out the other app, but it will need to be a desktop thing to work for me.

Thanks again!

I still use Lr6 – and it does not show all the metadata. There is a useful plugin that does show metadata: Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Jeffrey’s “Metadata Viewer” Lightroom Plugin

I’ve used several plugins from this developer and have been happy with the results.

Thanks! Will I be able to search on specific exif data, or scroll through photos with that window open and see it?


The Rolls Roys of metadata is a terminal based app called Exiftool. I had a look on the website of Exiftool and there is a plugin for Lightroom that I have not used but that looks interesting. The brief description is “Make all exif metadata available in Lightroom”. The link on the Exiftool page is dead, but I found the plugin on Github https://github.com/DaveBurns/ExifMeta

That is an interesting one. I read through a thread linked at GitHub, but when I installed it, my options in the Extras menu are to Update Selected Photos (modifies catalog only) or Exif Write (modifies photos files). I want to view what’s in there more than modify, so I’m a little leary about continuing.

I wonder if it goes through the catalog and then writes the data to each photo so you can see it using the built in LR tool?

I’ll do some more research on this one!


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Poking around forums via google, and found ApolloOne. Free trial. It’s a little like Preview where I can open a bunch of photos with an exif window open and see what I need to see! No LR integration but it’s pretty quick.


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The metadata does not appear in the right-side. Instead, select the photo, then File–> Plugin Extras… and it will open a window with all the metadata. It is using ExifTool to display the data in that popup window. Useful in some ways but I don’t think you would be able to search on specific exif data.

I’ve done some searching in the past for methods to get Lr to display more of the metadata but the answer is usually “that’s all Lr does…and it doesn’t do more.”

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