Evernote to OneNote (or something else) Migration 2023

With Evernote once again teetering on the brink, I’m looking for alternatives. Since OneNote is free, I thought I’d give it a shot. However, Microsoft retired their “legacy” (their words, not mien) Evernote to OneNote migration application in 2022. The only other thing I’ve seen mentioned is evernote2onenote but as far as I can see it’s Windows only. Does anyone know another way to move notes?

I’m also open to other alternatives (Apple Notes are not going to work for me). One of the Evernote features I appreciate most is being to send an email directly to Evernote. It appears OneNote supports “email to OneNote” but only from (spits on ground) Outlook. I use Apple Mail, so that’s not gonna work.

I’ve seen a few roundup articles but I’d be curious to hear what real-world Mac people prefer.

I’m a fan of the Drafts app. It has the “mail to” feature you’re interested in. But I left Evernote a long time ago and I don’t know what migration options exist. But Drafts has an active user forum that might be able to help if you want to go that direction.

I’m staying with Evernote for another year, but I have become a bit more diligent about exporting my Evernote data periodically.

Searching the net for “import from Evernote” can yield some of the apps that support the process.

Wow, what a versatile and interesting app! I downloaded it and will likely continue looking at it - It may be a partial solution in my post-Evernote life. Unfortunately, it appears to be restricted to only text (Markdown, etc. included) but a good portion of my Evernote content is PDFs - user manuals, software licenses, invoices, warranties, etc. I don’t see any provision for attached files or the like so this will not be a full solution. Please let me know if I’ve missed something!

I’m not sure, as that’s now how I use Drafts. If you have a heavy reliance on attachments, you might consider DevonThink To Go. (Which you can use standalone on an iOS device, the Mac version is not required.) But it does not have the “mail to” feature you’re seeking.

I used EagleFiler, but it’s not free. But it handles text and PDF well, supports storing almost any kind of file, lots of scripting languages, and it doesn’t lock files in a silo.

There’s a full-featured free trial, and good documentation.