Evernote Pricing Increase

I’ve been a paying Evernote customer for around a decade, and I like it quite a lot, but this increase to a base price of $130/year is hard to swallow.

I use Yojimbo and OneNote in specific contexts, but Evernote is important for my volunteer work and occasional consulting projects where using Microsoft accounts or limiting myself to the Apple ecosystem is not desirable.

I’ve been avoiding exploring other cross-platform tools, but now seems to be the time.

I just checked my Evernote account and my annual rate is increasing to $50 from $35. I am on Evernote Plus.

A heck of a lot better than $130/year in the linked item.

I keep thinking about leaving Evernote for Apple Notes or some other option but then my renewal date creeps up and I give them my $$. I use Evernote daily but am probably a basic user - I’m not sure I’ve used any of the features released in the last several years.

Evernote has been allowing some people with legacy plans to keep them, though I wonder if the new owners will maintain that policy. Right now, my Evernote billing page says that I will renew at last year’s price, but my account is still months away from renewing. It will be interesting to see if that changes as the renewal date approaches.

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Long-time Evernote Plus user here. Paid $38.10 US for a year in 2022. I see my next annual bill will go up to $54.43 for 2023. Planning to keep my subscription. Currently fewer syncing problems than I had experienced previously. Now also using freeware app Joplin, but I have not yet tried syncing Joplin on another device.

I’m really kicking myself for foolishly taking “advantage” of the significantly discounted yearly Premium upgrade a while back. I was on the Plus plan, and while I was comfortable with renewing at the old premium price point, this price hike really has passed the threshold of being worth it for the value provided.

I know they must have something to differentiate the Personal and Professional plans, but requiring a $169.99/year Pro plan in order to get Boolean search and finding content based on geographic search really seems petty.

I’d resign myself to pay $120/yr for Personal if it included those two features. But somehow the relatively small price jump going past $10/mo is crossing some kind of weird pricing limit in my head.

Microsoft has really been smart with their pricing on Microsoft 365; $70 year seems like a steal when you include 1TB OneDrive and all the office apps. The family plan is an even better value. By this metric, Dropbox and Evernote both seem overpriced. Unfortunately, while I use OneNote extensively for work on Windows, I dislike it immensely on the Mac, and I abhor it’s extremely limited notion of data portability-getting your data out in a useful format is impossible. Syncing is nearly always problematic and slow… web clipping sucks. Not going to trust my data to it.

Notes is also awful with data portability. I’d probably move everything over to EagleFiler, but not having an iOS app is limiting and not having a GOOD web clipper is unfortunate. I guess I will start exporting stuff from Evernote, cleaning things up and clearing out junk when time permits.

Yes, I understand that EagleFiler does a nice job importing Evernote export files. Unfortunately, I really like Evernote’s cross-platform capabilities, so EagleFiler doesn’t fit my use case.

OneNote seems like it would be my best alternative for cross-platform use, but I dislike its cloud-centered model and very limited export options, especially from the Mac client.

PS. I checked my Evernote account, and it now reflects the updated price. $138.24 for the Personal plan, counting taxes. I might keep it for one more year, just to see if there is anything useful in the new AI features, but I’m leaning toward canceling my subscription.

I received a notice of Evernote’s price increase this month, July 2023. Last year I paid $69.xx and Evernote’s new price is $129.xx!!! I am a basic user, rarely using more than 2 GB a month, on an iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro and whatever the new Web something is. I like using Evernote, but the price increase is outrageous! Does anyone know of another App like Evernote. (Occasionally Evernote asks for suggestions and I ALWAYS suggest adding an alphabet index to make searching easier. My suggestion is ignored!)

I decided to cancel my Evernote subscription online. During the process, I was offered a discount to stay. The discounted amount is more than I paid last year, but it is much more reasonable than the published price. Looks like I’ll be staying with Evernote for another year.

Did you find a phone number to talk to someone? The only support I found was a chat on their website and/or a form to fill out that isn’t relevant to their pricing.

I didn’t speak to anyone. I clicked the “Cancel your Evernote subscription” link at the bottom of the “Billing” section of the “Account Info” page at the Evernote website. You have to click through a couple of screens to cancel the paid subscription, but eventually a screen popped up offering a discount on what I presume was the final “Are you sure you want to cancel?” screen.

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Thanks for that info. I will go to the website and do that.

This Hacker News item seems relevant:

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What is the closest App like Evernote? I use it on 4 devices and it syncs automatically. Free is good, but I wouldn’t pass up a REASONABLE price if it works like Evernote. My Evernote subscription is up soon.

Josehill, I did what you suggested and got a 40% discount for a Personal account —$77.xx.

I can live with it for another year, but I really want to find an alternative. I asked that in Tidbits

Thank you for replying to me with your suggestions!!! I so appreciate you!


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I suppose it depends on your requirements.

Microsoft OneNote is included with any Microsoft 365 account. So you may already have access. The web and mobile apps are available on the free tier. The desktop apps (for Mac and Windows) are available on paid tiers.

I assume Apple’s Notes app is insufficient, or you would already be using it.

David I don’t have Microsoft 360. What I want is to be able to make notes on 1 device and have it sync to my other devices automatically. I also would like an alphabetic index to make it easier to find notes (Evernote does NOT have this, despite the many surveys I have filled out!) There have been so many negative things posted about Apple’s Notes that I haven’t really tried it.anything else out there besides OneNote or Notes?

Further to Ron’s reply about the Hacker News item, this was announced today by the CEO of Evernote on their news page:

A local angle on the move:


If you read the article in Safari, use Reader View to clear up the promotional junk.