Evernote Pricing Increase

I’ve been a paying Evernote customer for around a decade, and I like it quite a lot, but this increase to a base price of $130/year is hard to swallow.

I use Yojimbo and OneNote in specific contexts, but Evernote is important for my volunteer work and occasional consulting projects where using Microsoft accounts or limiting myself to the Apple ecosystem is not desirable.

I’ve been avoiding exploring other cross-platform tools, but now seems to be the time.

I just checked my Evernote account and my annual rate is increasing to $50 from $35. I am on Evernote Plus.

A heck of a lot better than $130/year in the linked item.

I keep thinking about leaving Evernote for Apple Notes or some other option but then my renewal date creeps up and I give them my $$. I use Evernote daily but am probably a basic user - I’m not sure I’ve used any of the features released in the last several years.

Evernote has been allowing some people with legacy plans to keep them, though I wonder if the new owners will maintain that policy. Right now, my Evernote billing page says that I will renew at last year’s price, but my account is still months away from renewing. It will be interesting to see if that changes as the renewal date approaches.

Long-time Evernote Plus user here. Paid $38.10 US for a year in 2022. I see my next annual bill will go up to $54.43 for 2023. Planning to keep my subscription. Currently fewer syncing problems than I had experienced previously. Now also using freeware app Joplin, but I have not yet tried syncing Joplin on another device.