Evernote 10.76.2

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Makes 14 previously paid features available to free users. (Free, 294.4 MB, macOS 10.14+)

I’ve been using Evernote (PAID) for anumber of years. It seems to me that evreytime they make a change, they break something. Sometime in the past year or so, it became impossible to print (or export a note to PDF) from the app…when you try, a baner appears across the top of the page with the filename.pdf and nothing else. If I need a hard copy, I need to log in from a browser and sometimes it works. I spent an hour on the phone with them to no avail. Sometime one just needs a hard copy. I’d be curious to know if anybody has the same problem and if someone has found a solution.Yes, I have done a search and it seems thgere are other folks complaining about this too!

I don’t understand why there is no option to disable automatic checking for updates.

As always, Agen, this is a great heads-up article. Thank you!

I’ve been using paid Evernote since 2008. It fits my “personal operating system” for sixteen years. The original version could incorporate Applescript, and I built a fair amount of 'scripts to do my work for me. Alas, recent versions have eschewed Applescript-ability (and I understand why) to the point where I now need to redo all of my scripts into other capabilities. With the new warning that all legacy versions of Evernote will cease working on 23 March 2024, I’m redoubling my efforts to convert as many of my 'scripts into other automation toolsets. I’ll get there, but, oh my, it’s painful!

And, yes, I’ve looked at Devonthink, Notion, Bear, etc., and none fit my personal operating system and Evernote. I’ve even played with becoming an Evernote developer, but that hurts my head. (For completeness, the Evernote on my Intel MacBook Pro is legacy, while the Evernote on my Apple Silicon Mac Mini is the latest and is where I’m doing my automation development and transition.)

By the way, in case there are any TidBITS readers running legacy versions of Evernote (v9 and older) and haven’t heard the news, those versions “will stop working” later this month. It’s not clear to me if that means that the old clients won’t work at all or simply won’t sync.

In any case, if you have data in a legacy client but haven’t synced it to Evernote servers, updated to a version 10.x client, or exported your data to another format, you should do so well before March 23rd.

On March 23, 2024, we’ll be saying goodbye to legacy versions of the Evernote app. On that date, all versions of Evernote released prior to v10 on macOS, Windows, and Android will stop working. The iOS version has already been decommissioned.

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