Evernote 10.2.4

Originally published at: Evernote 10.2.4 - TidBITS

Maintenance update for the recently upgraded information management app. (Free, 139 MB, macOS 10.10+)

Evernote seems to be in trouble with its users. The 10.2.* updates have broken a lot of features and messed up a lot of workflows. I went back to 7.14 to get proper handling of PDFs; get Evernote back in the share menu; the ability to follow evernote: links to notes from other applications; proper handling of dual displays (how do you even mess that up on a Mac?); and ability to drag and drop in and out of notes.

It’s particularly annoying that I got hit with the update right before a major work deadline, and two days after my Evernote subscription had renewed.

I hope they turn this around. I really do. At some point, Evernote 7.14 won’t work anymore. Then, after being with Evernote since 2011, it will be time to go to OneNote or something similar.

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