Ergotron Sit-Stand Desk Converter Works Well but Is Costly

(Julio Ojeda-Zapata) #1

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For those whose offices cannot accommodate a full-size standing desk, a converter placed atop an existing desk serve the same function. Ergotron’s newest converter, the WorkFit-TX, remedies the flaws in other such products. It isn’t cheap, though.

(David Weintraub) #2

Boy, that isn’t cheap! A full sized Jarvis standing desk with monitor arms can be had for that price. It would come with electronic controls to move the desk up and down, so you can stand or sit with a single push of a button. Plus, it’s much more ergonomic because you can place the desktop and monitor at the right height for you.

(Julio Ojeda-Zapata) #3

That’s exactly right. As I noted in my piece, I prefer a full standing desk, and those are available at about the cost of the Ergotron converter. Some people do not have the option of removing their existing traditional desks, however. For such folks, the Ergotron converter is the best option I’ve seen, though it isn’t cheap.

(Harry Forsdick) #4

Just curious – what does “rodent” refer to in the following sentence: “At 28 inches (71 cm), the WorkFit-TX’s keyboard tray is also wide enough to accommodate a keyboard with enough extra with room for comfortable rodent manipulation, which is not true of many other converters.”

(Richard Rettke) #5

The Mouse, which requires a little space to work.