Email programs that can download attachments by rules or automatically

Not to make yet another comment about why Eudora was superior to mail clients today…

I would like to be able to download some of the attachments I receive automatically and ideally file them in folders. An example would be to download all attachments from my supervisor into a folder separate from my Downloads folder.

As noted, Eudora used to be able to do this and also stored all attachments into an accessible folder in the Finder. I’ve looked at Outlook, Mail, BlueMail, and Thunderbird and most don’t have any attachment functions in their filters/rules.

TIA for any pointers. Apologies for old school thinking about email workflow.

With Apple Mail you can set a mail rule to perform actions, including running AppleScripts. This is how you can download attachments. I found a script here that is working perfectly once I edited it to my needs by setting the path to my Downloads folder and where to file the message. Once an attachment is saved I can let Hazel take care of the rest.