Email archives (RIP Eudora 😢)

(Jolin Warren) #1

When I finally migrated from Eudora to Mail a few years ago, I imported all my email archive (going back to 1995). I can’t remember the exact process now, but it worked very well and I now have all my email in one place and easy to search for the first time. Highly recommended!

I’m sure I used @tonya’s excellent advice, and definitely used the equally excellent Eudora Mailbox Cleaner. Note the link in Tonya’s article is out of date, but the one I gave works. This is an amazing, invaluable utility when migrating.

(Adam Engst) #2

Also check this article for conversion tips.

I’m sure a bunch of links are broken, but many of the apps should still be around.

(paulc) #3

Really happy I “found” TidBITS again… somehow I missed what was known to some back in the '08-10 time frame. Adam, just reading the top part of your article brought a tear… while I never met him in person, I did talk with Evan a fair amount, and am so sad nobody picked up his work on SC.

Not so sure the work involved would be worth it at this point. Only once in the past 5 years did I have a need to get some information from my Eudora archive, and that was why I saved my whole system on a drive from the 10.6 era! The likelihood of my needing something from it is damn slim at this point. BUT thanks for being the kinds of “Mac guys” I knew so well back in the day.

(Adam Engst) #4

Glad to have you back!

I have all my Eudora archives in EagleFiler, and I don’t need them very often either. But once or twice a year, I open that file and look around.