easyDNS Sponsoring TidBITS

(Adam Engst) #1

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2018/09/24/easydns-sponsoring-tidbits-2/

Please welcome our latest long-term TidBITS sponsor, easyDNS, the Canadian Internet company that we have long used for DNS hosting and management, and now rely on for email services.

(Jim Turney) #2

I’ve also been a very happy customer of EasyDNS for years, since they purchased ZoneEdit and kept the ‘wildcard’ email account feature that allows me to use email addresses ‘on the fly’ and forward all messages to one or more POP/IMAP accounts. Mark Jeftovic didn’t like that feature but he has done a great job of keeping it working well, as well as all the other standard features. You’re right about Mark’s serious concern for privacy and security. I believe that my data and domains are with a competent and caring company at EasyDNS.

(Charles Maurer) #3

I didn’t realize that you have been using easyDNS. I have too and have been impressed. For incoming mail their greylisting works a treat.

(Tom Fortmann) #4

I’ve used EasyDNS for at least 10 years and they’ve been terrific. Their tech support is beyond all expectations. They answer phone calls and emails promptly, the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, and they speak English (well, Canadian anyway, but that’s close enough). They also have a long track record and appear to be in business for the long term. I recommend EasyDNS enthusiastically.

As mentioned above, the “wild card” email feature is invaluable. I make up new addresses to register at various web sites (e.g. amazon@mydomain.org), all of which redirect to a mailbox that I specify. If spam starts arriving I can assign that address to the bit bucket and assign the blame to the correct culprit. I also have created specific addresses @mydomain.org for my wife, children, grandchildren, and various special purposes; all are redirected to their respective email providers.

I’m merely a well-informed novice at networking and web site construction. Their user interface, help files, and tech support assume a level of knowledge and jargon that often exceeds mine. But they’re very patient and I’ve never failed to get a problem solved eventually.

My only complaint is their limit of 50 addressees in outgoing emails, which is way too low. It creates a significant hassle when I send my annual Christmas letter to a couple of hundred friends & family, and similar hassles with announcements at other times.