Dvorak keyboards in iOS

I use the web on a digital platform, so it seems like I should be able to do digital platform things with it. Importantly, I can use a Dvorak keyboard on my Mac; iOS still does not offer one. I don’t care if it’s “just like every other credit card” on the planet, but I do want to be able to do reasonable things, and working with a larger-than-iPhone screen qualifies as a reasonable thing (along with using the Dvorak keyboard).

In short, not everything that I would demand can be done on an iPhone, so obviously it’s not good enough.

Etc. A search on the App Store might turn up more.

As for ‘managing’ finances on a bigger screen, just export a CSV from the phone to your Mac.

Thanks, @jzw. The last time I looked (years ago), the most promising Dvorak app was unable to remap the keyboard in other apps. In other words, it only presented a Dvorak keyboard if I ran the Dvorak app. Kinda useless.

I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t release a Dvorak layout as part of iOS. Is it somehow more complicated that it appears?

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I don’t understand this comment. As far as I can see, these apps all install alternate keyboards that work in any app. For example, if you open Dvorak for All, you get an instruction panel for installing the keyboard. Once you install it, it is then accessible whenever the system keyboard is present. Just press and hold the Globe key and you will be presented with a list of alternate keyboards. Select the Dvorak keyboard to change to it. It is now your default whenever a keyboard appears.

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