Dropbox Limits Free Accounts to Three Devices

(Adam Engst) #1

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2019/03/14/dropbox-limits-free-accounts-to-three-devices/

Dropbox has introduced a three-device limit for its free Basic accounts as of this month. However, if you have four or more devices currently linked to your Dropbox account, they’ll remain connected for now.

(Roger Moffat) #2

DropBox needs a tier below the $10 a month level - I don’t need 1TB of DropBox storage, but more than 5GB sure would be handy!!

I’m on the $1 a month 50GB iCloud account - if DropBox would match that I’d happily give them the $1 a month, but $10 a month is a bit rich for how I use DropBox currently.


(Neil Laubenthal) #3

Yeah…me too. I have 9.2 GB through some of the image upload offers a couple years back…but a $2.99 per month 100GB or 200GB would work for my wife and I just fine. We’ve got the 200GB family account but for a lot of stuff DropBox just works better.

(Tommy Weir) #4

Dropbox never really hit the family market. I have a 1Tb account which will need upgrading soon. My wife would be happy with 50 or 100Gb. My daughter could use about 10Gb tops. Seems crazy that I can’t offer them some of mine or that Dropbox don’t offer some form of overall family account.

(Neil Laubenthal) #5

If there isn’t a sharing issue then just use the same login with your wife and daughter…it’s your 1 TB since you pay for it.

(Tommy Weir) #6

The issue then lies with syncing and security. All our company files and accounts are on there. All my photography research too. Happier to keep it as is.

Interesting that iCloud permits family sharing of my 2Tb there. I wish Apple did offer the level of control and selective syncing Dropbox do though.

(douglerner) #7

I just wanted to point out that in the article it says, “Google Drive provides 15 GB for free, although that’s shared with Gmail and Google Photos.” But for the “optimized photos” (default) there is no limit and the photos don’t count towards your 15 GB.

(Adam Engst) #8

Thanks for the added detail—I didn’t want to get sucked down the rabbit hole of all the details of the competing services in the article itself.

(Jesse the K) #9

I would love it if I could create a “datasoup” folder on my iCloud Drive that would permit sharing documents between iOS apps, between Mac apps, and between iOS and Mac apps. That common storage location is what I use my Dropbox for.

I’d happily pay Apple, as I have more trust in their data integrity than Dropbox’s.

(Andre Peternell) #10

Hi, I would like to warn everyone who uses a language with special characters (I use German) not to migrate to MS OneDrive and take advantage of the 1 TB available via the Office 365 subscription. The synchronisation does not work with files which have names with special characters, those files will not be synchronised. All other services I tried (gmail, icloud, dropbox, Amazon) do not have this problem.

One of the special characters leading to sync errors is “|” (vertical bar) which is not even a special german character, but it is often included in web sites titles, and so a collection of url files will be affected.


(Andre Peternell) #11

unfortunately icloud does not allow family sharing, so there is no possiblity of using it with two icloud accounts.

(Tommy Weir) #12

Hi Andre. If you have a Family Account, the account manager can share their 2Tb with other family members. This is what we do at home.

I have a monthly subscription (9.99 storage and 14.99 music) which is shared amongst the five of us.