Driving (me spare) Focus

i’ve got driving focus enabled for when the phone is plugged into carplay. in theory it’s supposed to stop phonecalls but didn’t. obviously auntie didn’t make a mistake; i did. only i can’t figure out what it was.

the call that came in was from some business. annoyingly as i was negotiating some tricky traffic at the time. i’ve got “allow calls from favourites” enabled. there are only two of those. that business was definitely not one of my favourites. didn’t even recognise the number other than it was the local area code. so how’d it get through?

also, as best i can tell, the driving focus doesn’t send the configured auto-reply to messages, either. options there are just daft, though. there’s no “reply to everyone”. i’ve set it to “all contacts” but when i tried it out from my other phone, nowt happened. what’s my error, there?

Do you have “allow repeated calls” on? If so, they get through if they try calling you a second time.

“allow repeated calls” is and was not enabled.

Can anyone explain why sometimes calls come in with a red button to end the call and other don’t? I initially thought that when I was driving I’d get the ones with the red button (easy to dismiss while driving) but imagine my frustration when a spam call came in with only the option to answer or send a message!


nobody seems to have an answer as to why the driving focus auto-reply doesn’t work. assume i’ve toggled something off, but what and where?

Maybe try deleting the focus and add it back again? (This is something that you can do btw.)

did that. took a while to get someone to text me whilst driving. they didn’t get notified.

Time to call AppleCare and see what they say.