Dragging out pages from a PDF in Preview

Rather a mundane matter I suppose.
Prior to the most recent iterations of Mac OS 11 and 12, I used to be able to, simply, drag a single page from a pdf to the desktop to facilitate printing one page.
Also, I find right now in Preview 11, a pdf for which I cannot even select to print just one page from the column of thumbnails. Has Apple hidden this feature somewhere?
I am trying to “Think Different” but I just cannot figure this one out

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It must be a protected document.
There are sites (and software) that may allow you to do that by eliminating part of the protection.
Use Acrobat to open the PDF. Under File->Properties->Security you will find (among other properties): Page Extraction: Not Allowed


Both of these work fine for me. One weird thing about Preview’s interface is that if it is zoomed out far enough you can’t select a page toward the end of the document because it can’t be positioned to the top of the main body of the window. This took me at least a month or two to figure out. To get around it increase the zoom until the page can be so positioned. You might check to see if that’s the issue.


I think you are right, although I don’t currently have Acrobat … long time gone
on that
However, while the the document, in this case a bank statement ,is not locked, and requires no key to open,
its Info does indeed list Security: Password Encrypted. I assume this factors in with regard to how the document cannot be modified, i.e. not extractable
Although it’s not encrypted per se, I think it is unlocked by virtue of having downloaded from my own account.