Download all of iCloud

Apple’s latest increase in Apple One, from $32.95 per month to $37.95 per month has so annoyed me that I can barely contain myself. I vaguely recall that less than a year ago the price was $29.95 or so. This increase is the end of my relationship with iCloud. I ask you guys, what is the best way to download my whole iCloud storage to a local hard disk? I have a lot of stuff on iCloud, around 1.4Tb. Thanks so much.

I’m sure there’s a number of methods but I believe that you can download everything via their Privacy page:

Sign in with your iCloud credentials and there’s a range of options there. The one you wish to look at is probably the Get a Copy of Your Data which includes a wide range of checkboxes, one of which is iCloud Drive Files and Documents. Which comes with the understandable proviso to expect a long time…

There are some other interesting options for folks, you can even directly transfer your photos and videos to Google Photos for example.


Thank you so much, Tommy, for answering my query.