Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape Watching iPad Videos with Tryone’s Gooseneck Tablet Stand

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Tired of holding your iPad or balancing it on your chest to watch a video? You can bend the Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand to your will—or at least to whatever position is most comfortable.

I have been looking everywhere for a decent gooseneck arm capable of holding my iPad Pro 12.9" (2nd generation). I have a really good gooseneck, but I can’t find anything nice that would work with a tripod ball head. It’s a Manfrotto gooseneck arm and a Super Clamp, both are common photo studio equipment. Here’s a pic of it attached to a GLIF, works great with my iPhone.

But I can’t find anything decent that would work with the big iPad. The closest I’ve found is the RAM Mounts cradle, but it requires you to take off the case, and also it uses an AMPS mounting system which is sort of like VESA for small electronics and totally incompatible with any tripod mount I’ve ever seen. Then there are mounts that accept iPads with a case, like this one from Akron Mounts, but those big gripping arms would get in the way of actually using the iPad. And again, AMPS mounts. Maybe it could be modified to cut down those ridiculous arms that look like they’'d stab me in the eye.
So if you guys at Tidbits have seen anything good that will hold larger iPad Pro models, let us know. I’ve looked at everything and they all have major problems.

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I use a Tstand with a iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd gen + case if watching in bed for a while.

I have a 2nd one with a 2nd iPad, which we (and kids) regularly use for FaceTime and cartoons.

I bought it on Kickstarter years ago, and it still works. But I don’t know if it is still being produced. It relies on a rubber band to keep tension in the “jaws”, so that is a potential failure point. Maybe a replacement rubber band would work.

While the design seems simple, I haven’t seen anything similar over the years.

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About four years ago I had an issue with pinched nerves in my upper spine that made it so that I had to either be standing or flat on my back. I couldn’t sit up in bed to read. So I bought an iPad mic stand mount. I already had an extra mic stand and boom so the price of those wasn’t a factor. I mounted it at the end of the boom (instead of using the clamp that attaches it to the stand) so that I could lie flat and look up at the iPad. It works great. I still use it for reading my iPad in bed.

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