Does the amount of RAM in an Apple TV matter?

I am interested in the new Apple TV, though it does sound like the old Apple TV 4K will have some ability for the color adjustment that will come with the new TVOS and iOS. But as I was looking at the configurations for the ATV, I was trying to figure out what the difference will be with having the 32 GB vs 64 GB really is? Does it just allow you to have more programs, or does the amount of overhead speed up games or video loading time?

The storage in an AppleTV is used like on a phone - to store apps and as a cache for media.

If all you use it for is as a streambox for video channels (as I do), 32GB should be fine. If you install a very large number of channels or play games or use other large apps, then you might want more.

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I think David has pretty good advice here. I only typically recommend the 64 GB model to people with slow or unreliable Internet, since the larger storage enables more caching.

Interesting that the extra 32 GB is only $20 in the TV, but an extra 64 GB seems to generally be $50 ($25/ 32 GB) in an iPhone and an extra 96 GB to 128 GB is $100 in various iPads. Seems like a good deal even if you don’t see the need for it now.