Does a USB-C hub that supports charging for iPad exist?

I’m afraid I don’t really understand all the USB iterations and capabilities too well, so bear with the possibly dumb question, possibly asking for a unicorn. But my better half just got an iPad 10th gen and still uses wired headphones at times. I got a USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter, which works fine, but obviously he can’t charge and listen at the same time (unless, of course, using bluetooth headgear). I hear USB-C hubs don’t support charging…but I thought I’d confirm that here. Does a hub he could use to charge his iPad and listen to whatever at the same time exist?

(While the pricey magic keyboard for the iPad Pro offers a second USB-C port for charging, the same item for iPad 10th gen doesn’t, so far as I can tell.)

hear USB-C hubs don’t support charging

Get a powered usb-c hub with PD for power delivery…I like Anker brand. It plugs into the wall, you plug the iPad charger into the PD usb-c port, and other devices into the other ports on the hub. They come in various combos of audio, usb-c, usb-a, HDMI, and Ethernet so as long as it’s got a PD port and the extra ports you need for headphones or whatever you’re good to go.


I’m very pleased with Twelve South’s “StayGo Mini” hub. I use it with an iPad Pro and it works perfectly, and yes, allows charging.

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I can second the StayGo Mini. I use it when I travel and you can charge and use the 3.5 mm audio jack simultaneously.

I wish I could get something even smaller with just USB C and audio but haven’t found anything like that, though I still check from time to time.



Thank you all. That’s awesome news. I was given a bit of short shrift at my local tech store when I asked for such a thing — they always make me feel like an idiot for some reason — so I’m glad I actually wasn’t asking for a unicorn. Really appreciate that responses here are so friendly and helpful and without any “oh duh” vibe. Y’all rock!

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