Do You Use It? Launchpad Doesn’t Compete for Longtime Mac Users

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We have the results in our Do You Use It? poll about Launchpad in macOS. While TidBITS readers probably aren’t representative of the broader Mac user base, most use some other method of quickly launching apps.

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Adam - Just a note about how you defined your poll response options in this article. I was surprised to read: “Frequently” accommodates the sense of “I don’t use Launchpad every day, but it’s not unusual for me to open it.”

Because of the order in which the options are presented (Never, Occasionally, Daily, Frequently), I assumed that they were listed in ascending order from least to most, so that “Frequently” meant more often that once or twice a day. (Merriam-Webster lists “constantly”, “often”, and “repeatedly” as synonyms of “frequently”.)

I’m not trying to nitpick or criticize here; just providing some user feedback that I, for one, interpreted your poll differently than you intended. Maybe it’s just me. - Mike

I’ve been a Mac user since 1984. I rarely used Launchpad until I started trying to learn Linux during Covid. I use Mint and the launch experience is similar but other distros are nearly identical. So now I use it more frequently.

What I really want is DragThing. I miss that app a lot.

iCollections attempts to be a DragThing replacement. It does a decent job, though I still miss a few DragThing features (dragging into folder hierarchies is one thing iCollections botches that DragThing did well.)

It even imports from DragThing, a little.

The developer is responsive, which is nice.

Anyway, if you really miss DragThing, try iCollections.


Thank you! I’m playing around with it now. I appreciate the pointer.

I wrote a short piece on DragThing a while back as software I miss #2. Your work is #1 on my list. I’m grateful for all you did when you did it, Sincere thanks.



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The instructions in the recent TidBits email to change the Launchpad grid to 10x7 are very helpful. I will definitely explore using it with a bigger grid.

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