Do You Use It? How TidBITS Readers Install macOS Updates

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The results of our poll asking how TidBITS readers engage with macOS updates reveal that most people stick with Apple’s default settings and follow our advice about how quickly to install. That’s good!

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An additional note: the optimal timing of major Mac OS updates also needs to take iOS/iPadOS updates into account. Sometimes a new feature only really works well when you have consistent versions across devices.



It’s funny that Adam mentions TurboTax as the driver of his parent’s computer upgrades. Thats my main reason to upgrade my system to the next OS: do my taxes with TurboTax. The other fear is incompatibility with existing apps and the cost of buying new versions. In the old days (I go back to 1984) I upgraded the moment a new version was released.

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I bought a used Mini to upgrade past where my laptop is, for TurboTax. I’d been running it on an external boot drive for a couple of years prior.

If I can’t find a newer used Mini when TT requires another upgrade (I’m now stuck at Big Sur), I will most likely change programs. Ridiculous that I have to upgrade to a new machine for a once a year program.

And I’ve been using TT since it was MacinTax


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Or even when it is feasible, if you’re not doing anything likely to invite malware.

For instance, I’m still using a 2011 MacBook Air, running macOS 10.12 (Sierra). Yes, this is an old system that hasn’t gotten a security update for a long time, but on the other hand, I don’t use this computer for anything particularly risky.

Mostly running MS Office on documents I created. Office stopped supporting this platform several years ago, so it hasn’t been upgraded either, but that doesn’t matter if I’m only editing my own documents.

The only Internet access this computer does is via the Firefox web browser, which is still up to date with security patches, although that will end in August. So I will be forced to get a new computer before then. Fortunately, new Airs have just been announced, so it looks like everything will come together at the right time.

Just a note to Adam:
H&R Block tax software will run on your parent’s iMac.
I really dislike Turbo’s constantly wanting you to upgrade to a newer OS just to use their product.

Interesting results. If I may add something about those who use none of the automatic update options: those Macs may be bound to corporate policies that prohibit the user from updating. The IT departments of those companies usually want to test first if the update does not interfere with their own proprietary software. Or they fear the introduction of unknown malware, hidden in the update (they never explain what resources they have to evaluate this before they rubber stamp the update eventually). In most cases the evaluation takes some weeks, I have noticed, but months is also possible. The trade-off for security updates is obvious.

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