Do Not Disturb and geolocation

On my old iPhone 8, I used to find “do not disturb until I leave this location” really useful: I could enable it when going into court and it would click off automatically when I left the building. I now have a 13 pro and although the option is still there (buried in Focus), it doesn’t work: DND remains on, even though I’ve left and am miles away (physically as well as mentally).

Is there a setting of some kind that I’ve missed? Or any other ideas?


I assume Location Services are turned on?

Yes, everything’s turned on. It’s most odd.

Could you have some other Focus-related setting that’s keeping DND on even though you’ve left? That’s one of the problems with Focus—there are so many options that they can combine in odd ways. If you delete all but the basic DND Focus, that might make it as simple as possible and shed some light on the situation.

Good thought, Adam, but I’ve never touched any other setting in Focus. Personal, Work and Sleep all show “Get Started”; and Driving is a simple auto setting based on detected motion. I have DND turned on automatically from 0000 to 0700 daily; I’ve tried deleting that and re-creating it.

The only remaining thing I can think of is to verify that your iPhone knows its location, that there’s no hardware failure that’s preventing it from discovering that it has moved.

The only thing that I can think of is to check in settings / privacy / location services / system services and make sure that all of those options are on. If they are not, toggle them on and see if that helps.

The nuclear option is to do settings / general / transfer or reset phone / reset / reset location and privacy. This resets all of the location and privacy settings to as if the phone was set up as new, so you’ll spend a lot of time approving apps using various services listed in settings / privacy. But maybe that will also fix the location based dnd as well.

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The phone definitely knows its location, and tells me it does.

Doug, I’ve checked all the settings I can think of and they all look fine. The “nuclear option” is just not worth the hassle. Pre-pandemic, I used to go to court quite a lot - actually present in a court building; how quaint! - and having my phone reactivate itself when I left the building was very handy. Now I do almost everything remotely, from home, it’s much less of an issue.

It’s still jolly odd, though. Maybe when iOS16 comes out the problem will melt away as if by magic. Or maybe not.