Do Monterey MAS notifications work for anybody else?

Since switching to Monterey many moons ago I have yet to see a single functioning MAS notifications telling me that there’s updates available. Whenever I click on such a notification I’d expect it to take me to the MAS’ updates page. But in reality all I get is nothing. The notification simply disappears and that’s it. Is this a bug? Does anybody else see it? Or is this somehow intentional behavior and in that case, would anybody mind telling me how I’m holding it wrong?

I see the same response, the dialog goes away but nothing else happens. Prior to Montery, clicking on that notification would launch the Mac App Store (MAS) so I could choose which updates I wanted to install. Now I have to manually launch the App Store, which is available via several methods including Apple Menu > App Store…

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Thank you for confirming. So this is a bug in Monterey.

Yeah, that just happened to me here too—clicked the notification and zilch happened. I need to update to 12.5.1 later today so we’ll see if that changes anything.

I wish I had screen shots to share, but I think I’ve seen the behavior described here for some time; certainly since Monterey, but I want to say earlier than that. My typical behavior is to see the notification, glance down at the Dock and see the red badge on the App Store icon, then launch App Store to install. I think this is mainly because I want to see what I’m installing, but also because of a memory of clicking the “Install” option in the notification and having nothing happen.

The install notification has gone from semi-useless (opening the main App Store window rather than the update window) to totally useless (not staring up the App Store app).

For a long time (maybe forever), opening the update window does not show all apps eligible for update. Whenever I o[en the update window, I either tap command-R or go to Store->Reload Page to get a list of all the updates currently available. Note that this is similar to forcing a reload of your account in the mobile eapp stores in order to see all available updates.

Exactly the same here. So while I would never just blindly click Install, I would very much expect clicking on the other parts of the notification to take me to the Updates section of the MAS. Alas, it doesn’t.

I’ve reported this as a bug to Apple. (not that I think Apple will actually still fix something like this in Monterey)