Display Safari Zoom Level in Browser Window?

I have not been able to find a way to have Safari display the page’s zoom level. Is it possible within its built-in settings, or with an extension?

I am moving to Safari from Chrome; something I liked having in Chrome is a small icon in the location bar with a + or - when the page is not at its original zoom level.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Chrome presentation:

While Safari also offers zoom buttons for the toolbar (along with the handy cmd-0 to restore to 100%), I’m unfortunately not aware of any way to have that always display on/over the webpage itself.

The setting for any page is indicated in two locations I’m aware of: 1) right click on any URL and select “Settings for xyz…” to reveal what you have selected for that site; and 2) in Safari Settings… > Websites > Page Zoom you’ll see all the sites listed where you have saved a zoom setting different from 100%. At the bottom is also a master default.

Perhaps somebody else knows of an extension that will display that zoom setting as an overlay for any page.

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