Display Latitude and Longitude of Photo in iPhone

Yesterday, I took some pictures of a plant I saw in the park. I thought this particular type of plant was highly toxic, and should be removed. I texted the picture to the parks department, and sure enough, it was a highly toxic plant they want to remove from the park. However, they needed to know exactly where that plant was located.

I told them fortunately, I took the picture on the iPhone and the iPhone saves the location where the picture was taken. I went to Photos, and was shown a map for the location — not the latitude and longitude information I could give the parks department.

I tried a few more things, and all I could get was a map and no way it seemed to get the precise location. There’s no way I can use the map from Apple Photos to go back to the place where I took the picture or to send someone else there. I couldn’t even get it displayed in Apple Maps which would allow me to see that information.

Is there a way to see this information? Is there a way I can open Apple Maps to see it? I’ve tried to create a shortcut, but I just can’t get that to work. It either tells me there’s no such information, or it shows me that idiotic map.

You can drag/drop the image from Photos to your Mac’s file system and then send it to an app or web site that can parse the EXIF data.

A quick web search finds this site: https://www.pic2map.com/, which worked for one of my photos.

If you can find the precise location in Maps and then find the same location in google maps…the latter will give you lat and long…depending on how well you can see the location in Maps relative to paths or curves or buildings in satellite view or whatever that should get you pretty close. Or…assuming the last and long are in the exif data there are numerous apps that will read that…Photoshop or Elements, Affinity maybe, Lightroom…in addition to dedicated exif reader apps. Maybe get info on the picture in Finder as well.

I’m hoping for a native way to do this. I can download an app that will display this information. I was hoping to be able to do this in Photos or Camera itself. Even if it’s a way to open the map up in Apple Maps itself.

You can see the GPS info in Preview (Tools > Show Inspector > More Info > GPS). There is an “Open in Maps” button.

The exact Lat & Long are displayed in the Inspector, but I don’t see a way to copy them. (Except by manual transcription.)


Actually, I’m wrong about that. Just click on “Longitude” and ⌘C. After you paste it somewhere, repeat with Latitude.


You can open the location in maps. When you show the information view, there is a map, and on the bottom left of the map there is tappable location name with a > after it. Tap that and it will open in maps. And when it opens in maps, just below the map view are the latitude and longitude coordinates. (At least for me.)

[edit: this is on the iPhone]

Photos app:

Maps app:


It works for me. The window is a bit weird. You can’t drag-select text like you would in an editor, but if you click on a row, it will highlight. If you type CMD-C, the row’s text will copy to the clipboard, which can then be pasted elsewhere.

Interestingly, Photos populates this data even when the camera doesn’t have GPS.

I have a Kodak point-and-shoot camera that has no GPS capabilities. I manually set the location in Photos for photos I take with this camera. When I exported one of these photos (drag from Photos to the Finder) and opened it in Preview, those coordinates were present on the GPS tab. (None of the other GPS parameters were present.

Similarly for photos taken with my iPod Touch. It contained the coordinates I set in Photos, plus speed and altitude (for which I assume an iPod Touch has sensors).

In Photos, right-click (Ctl-click) the picture and select “Edit in Preview”
In Preview, select Tools>Show Inspector
In Inspector, select “More Info”, then “GPS”

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Well that works. I just figured that displays all the other images taken at that location. Rather than display the city name, why doesn’t it say Open in Maps and make it obvious what that stupid link does?

Everyone: I can do this on my Mac. What I want to do is do this when I’m away from my Mac. When I’m alone in the woods with nothing but a flint, two sticks, and my iPhone.

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Works on my iPad and iPhone

I use the Where Was This Taken shortcut (that link doesn’t lead to the shortcut itself, but a description of how it works. The link to the shortcut is in there.)

Where Was This Taken seems like a good idea, but it does not work consistently for me. Some photos taken on my phone that show a location in Photos show without a location when using that shortcut.

My answer above was describing how to do it on the iPhone. Can’t guarantee it’ll work with no mobile data, though.

@ddmiller: I already replied to you. Your method works. I saw the city name and assumed that would simply show me all the pictures taken in that town. It should say Open in Apple Maps.

I spent four hours today duplicating that in Shortcuts.