Is Disk Warrior 6 (with APFS support) wishful thinking? Dead? In my opinion, this sure appears to be the case. I signed up for news and updates long ago, not so much as a single word has come from Alsoft. Disk Warrior 4 was released in 2006. Disk Warrior 5 was released in 2014. If there is going to be a version 6, it is taking forever.

“Apple has released detailed APFS specs. It’s almost 200 pages:”

Is DiskWarrior Losing Relevance
[Is DiskWarrior Losing Relevance?]

Disk Warrior 5 has become redundant since the release of macOS 10.14 in September of 2018 (unless of course, Mac users still use HFS+ on their external drives). But it’s still for sale on the company’s web site.

I wish Alsoft would be up front with its loyal user base and fill us in on what’s (not?) going on.