Disk Utility can't format SSD?

I’m trying to format a partioned SSD disk utility (v17, on High Sierra). The drive was previously formatted successfully on an El Capitan machine.

DU can see the two partitions, but when I select one and try to erase it, DU just sits. No error message and I have to force quit. I’ve tried both Mac OS Extended and APFS.

If I move the drive back to my El Capitan machine, I’m able to erase and format.

Any ideas?


Set the ‘View’ menu of Disk Utility to ‘Show All Devices’.

Check the Partition Map type on the physical drive. Today it should be GUID, not Apple.

To change the type, erase the physical drive and then you can change partitioning (HFS+ volumes or APFS containers and volumes) as required.

I can recall Disk Utility failures and using Terminal and diskutil for the initial device erasure in some older macOS instances. I no longer recall the macOS version(s) involved.

Hmmm, nope, not working. I can open Disk Utility, view all devices. Selecting the physical external drive it shows GUID partition. But then selecting either the physical drive, or either of the two existing partitions and then erase results in Disk Utility just freezing.

The drive seems to work fine - I can copy to it, etc. And I can erase it in an older version of Disk Utility.

Is there a way to obtain a different version of disk utility?