Discourse Error 500s

(frederico) #1

@ace I couldn’t decide which old thread on Discourse to use, and I probably should’ve DM’d you, but, I just wanted you to be aware that Discourse is popping off numerous Error 500 today when I try to hit ‘reply’, and the site as a whole may or may not be accessible during this time. Eventually enough 500s are logged and my reply eventually posts.

(Adam Engst) #2

Sorry! Every now and then I see this sort of problem with Discourse too, but it has always resolved itself on its own—usually pretty quickly—so I have no idea where the cause might lie. If it continues after a few hours or tomorrow, I can start poking more and ask @elivz if he can see any problems. (I do see that there’s an update available; installing that would likely change the conditions, regardless.)

(Eli Van Zoeren) #3

I went ahead and updated Discourse, in case this was being caused by some bug in the version we were running. I haven’t see the 500 errors myself, so I have no way of knowing if this helped. Let us know if you see it again.

(Simon) #4

Thanks for the update!

It appears that since the update the Latest listing is less dense. IIRC the category badge wasn’t always under the thread title. Coincidence? Any chance we could revert to the more dense layout? Considering this is just a listing, I like seeing as many entries as possible at once.

(Adam Engst) #5

Discourse is under extremely active development, and I think this change might have been part of 2.2.0 beta 3 (betas in Discourse seem to be considered necessary for all active installations). You can see the kind of changes they make here.

All that said, because Discourse is insanely customizable, I think I’ve put it back, more or less, by changing the padding on the topic list from 10px to 8px. See if that’s what you remember.

.topic-list td {padding: 8px}

(Adam Engst) #6

FYI, moved this to the Site Feedback category…

(Simon) #7

Definitely looks more dense again Thanks, Adam!

(frederico) #8

Agreed; I also prefer vertical information density; mille grazi @ace

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