Disable Turbo Boost to Simulate Low Power Mode for Macs

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2020/01/14/disable-turbo-boost-to-simulate-low-power-mode-for-macs/

Developer and podcaster Marco Arment believes Apple should add a Low Power Mode to macOS for laptop users, and he has numbers from disabling the Turbo Boost feature of Intel CPUs to support his case.

Tsk. 65 C isn’t 28% less than 90 C, because you can’t do percentages on non-absolute temperatures. The original article says something like “a whole lot cooler”, which is scientifically accurate.

But yes, interesting and persuasive article.

So it would make sense to compare to room temperature then (i.e. computer off). Which makes the difference even cooler 35%.

The ability to disable Turbo Boost while traveling without access to a power outlet sounded so good that I installed the free version to try it out. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work on Mojave. Although I’m prompted to authenticate as an admin, I’m never prompted to allow the kext, so it won’t work. Has anyone else tried it?

Go to Settings > Security & Privacy, and in the General tab, see if there’s a button near the bottom to give Turbo Boost Switcher access.

It’s up to the developer to provide such a prompt. Apparently they haven’t taken that step, but as Josh has told you, System Preferences should still allow you to do that as long as the pane has been unlocked.

Be aware that the ability to do that will eventually time out, so you may have to take some action with the app (perhaps even uninstall/reinstall) in order to get it to show up again.

Setapp includes an app called Endurance, by the way.