Disable device tracking for someone

Hi there, a friend contacted me with an issue that they’re having in terms of tracking. Her daughter has several iOS devices and a few Apple Tags, and has location sharing on, so that these items can be found, if lost. She shares these locations with her mother, but has “Share My Location” turned off for her step-father, because she doesn’t want him to know where she is. Despite that, he’s still able to know her location because he’s able to see her devices that she has with her. They’re all in the same Apple “Family” sharing group.

So the question is, how do you remove someone from seeing your devices, but still keep them active so that the owner and others, in this case the mother, can see them, and help locate them, as needed, but exclude others from seeing them?


If they are in the same Family group… if this is not fixable, a note to Apple Feedback would be a good thing to do.

I had a quick look on our Family and my first question is… is she sure he can see her devices? As in had a look at his phone? You can close off, it appears, individual members of your family from seeing your location. Settings > AppleID > Find My > Family and then individual members are listed, down the bottom of the individual’s page you can disable location sharing. It sounds like she has done this from what you say. If she hasn’t she could try disabling her Mom and see if that works with her Mom and then she could add her back and remove him with confidence.

I can’t see any of either of my son’s AirTags so they appear not to be an issue. She could check on her Mom’s phone if the same applies to her.