Disable auto start when lid is opened on a M3 MBP

I’ve done a lot of searching and from what I can discover the prior command “sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00” apparently no longer works and in some cases it has reportedly “bricked” the machine.

I bought the new M3 Pro MBP to reenter the Mac laptop world and I’m still working on my “re-education” but having the laptop auto start when the lid opens is non-intuitive and is an issue when I’m asked to demonstrate the laptop is “off” but it starts when I open the lid.

Has anyone resolved this issue? Perhaps there is a nifty utility that toggles it off and on?

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I guess that if it starts on opening to show it is off, you’ll have to hold the power button depressed for ten seconds to interrupt the startup. Hopefully, someone will know how to prevent that.
I have read a lot of complaints about this on the Apple Community. One person noted that AutoBoot is no longer a setting in nvram, but auto-boot is present, and is set to true. It was suggested that sudo nvram auto-boot=false might work, but there were no replies saying it had worked. Given the old nvram command can brick a machine I’m reluctant to try it out.