Difference with network speed tools results

I’m lucky enough to have 1GB fiber at home, which is absolutely amazing, as I remember using a 110 baud rate modem “back in the day.” I’ve noticed that there are times that I need to test that I’m actually getting the upload/download speeds that I’m supposed to get over ethernet, so I use a few different tools. These being, 1) Apple’s own Networkquality, 2) speedtest.net, 3) Netflix’s fast.com, and the results vary wildly. What’s also crazy is that I’ve noticed that the speeds can vary wildly (widely) depending on which USB-C port I plug-in to on my 2019 MacBook Pro! These test were all run within seconds of each other.

  1. Here’s networkquality’s results
    jeffp@Jeffs-MBP bin % networkquality
    ==== SUMMARY ====
    Uplink capacity: 72.351 Mbps
    Downlink capacity: 886.382 Mbps
    Responsiveness: Low (60 RPM)
    Idle Latency: 10.917 milliseconds

jeffp@Jeffs-MBP bin % networkquality
==== SUMMARY ====
Uplink capacity: 101.820 Mbps
Downlink capacity: 898.555 Mbps
Responsiveness: Medium (285 RPM)
Idle Latency: 10.750 milliseconds

  1. Here’s speedtest.net:

  2. and here’s fast.com:

Should I attribute these disparate speeds to the distance & servers that are being tested? networkquality consistently gives me extremely low upload speeds, way under what I should be getting (if I’m reading it correctly) What explains the difference between USB-C ports on my MBP?


There might be useful information here:

Thank you Adam. :grinning: