Dialog after Big Sur Update 9/30/21

A program tried to load new system extension(s) signed by “Kirill Luzanov”. If you want to enable these extensions, open Security & Privacy System Preferences.

I’ve found “Kirill Luzanov” on FaceBook (look like a truck driver!) and GitHub https://github.com/luzanovko.

Unfortunately, many of Apple’s ‘warnings’ are a bit short of useful info. I declined to ‘allow’ "Kirill Luzanov” or his ‘program’ to load/install any “system extensions”. Thank you very much! :rofl: But it would be nice to know who/what/why the dialog displayed after the Safari and “Hardware(?)” update today.

Did you follow the dialog’s instructions and look in the Security & Privacy System Preference? It should show the name of the software for which an extension is trying to install.

I googled “Kirill Luzanov Mac app” (I added the other terms because there’s probably more than one person with that name in the world) and found a listing that suggests they’re a developer for the Mac app DriveDx, is that something you have installed?

The first link in the google search seemed to go to an outdated site (formidapps.com), DriveDx seems to be currently offered by Binary Fruit. Another search result associated their name with a kernel extension for SAT SMART Driver, another program from Binary Fruit.

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In further searching I also turned up your findings. I also did check System Prefs-> Security & Privacy / General tab. It includes most warnings related that may appear on the day you see that kind of dialog. However, it is (in this case, anyway) a shortened version of the text in the warning dialog:

Blockquote “System software from developer ‘Krill Luzanov’ was blocked from loading.”

I vaguely remember “DriveDX” and found it installed back in 2019! I have 4 days left on the trial use! :thinking: Doesn’t appear I found much use for it! :crazy_face:

DriveDx is one of a few utilities that is essential in diagnosing a failing drive since Disk Utility won’t notify you until the drive actually fails.

The SATSMART driver is only needed for USB connected external drives. If you only have an internal or your external drives are connected with FireWire or thunderbolt then it does not need to be installed.