Delicious Replacement

I’m looking for a social bookmarking site like

Any recommendations?


Been using it for years.

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I haven’t used it but I’ve often heard people like Pinboard for social bookmarking.

Pinboard’s creator actually bought Delicious a few years ago as an act of goodwill more than anything. It looks like he let its Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal lapse earlier this year and now it’s additionally not working because its last certificate was signed by Let’s Encrypt’s old root certificate that expired September 30.

I looks excellent: Pinboard Site Tour — Better Online Bookmarking!

But I hate annual subscriptions … $22/year, I think. (Except for TidBITS, of course.)

Yes, the link to the site is now garbage.

Thank you for your recommendation. I signed up for Pinboard yesterday.

By the way, they offer very steep discounts for multi-year subscriptions.