Deleting Marzipan apps

(crun) #1

apple won’t allow you to delete the home, news, stocks, or weather apps from macos. dragging them to the trash fails:

has anyone succeeded in deleting these unwanted apps?

funny enough you can remove them from ios.

(Al Varnell) #2

I don’t find that particularly strange (or funny). Space on an iOS device is at a real premium for many iDevice users who need to opt for less RAM as a cost savings. Computer drive space is both cheap and plentiful, by comparison. So Apple, only recently, made some of it’s iOS apps removable to help those users.

The apps you mention are tiny in comparison to most macOS and 3rd party apps, so deleting them isn’t going to give you any significant savings and the ability to remove them would probably complicate things for macOS engineering.

Added: If you seriously can’t live with these apps being there, then you will have to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) temporarily from Recovery first (and re-enable it after) but the next time you update or restore macOS, they will just be added back.

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