Defending Ukraine: Microsoft’s Early Lessons from Russia’s Cyberwar

Originally published at: Defending Ukraine: Microsoft’s Early Lessons from Russia’s Cyberwar - TidBITS

While the Russian military attempts to level Ukrainian cities, Russian intelligence agencies have targeted the rest of the world online. Microsoft offers early insights into what its threat intelligence team has learned on the digital front lines.


It is good to see Microsoft being very pro-active in this. (Of course, they’re probably disproportionally responsible for the vulnerabilities…) I’m also encouraged that we’ve heard of offensive counter cyber operations from US Cyber Command. US confirms military hackers have conducted cyber operations in support of Ukraine - CNNPolitics

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We have just merged our College with two others, forming a new university. The biggest nightmare has been the implementation of IT resources with security being the key driver.

Teaching, communication all severely hampered if you are in any way odd, odd meaning a geek or Mac user or both.

Not just in our College, but across all government bodies after the HSE, the overall management agency running our health services, was ground to a halt by a Russian hacker group seeking a ransom. This was at the height of the pandemic. The jolt given to the state has informed all subsequent developments.

We will be looking back at the early days of the Internet, what freedoms we had, differently as this age unfolds.

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