Default view in Photos

why oh why do they insist on change for the sake of change? the default view in the photos app is to show your photos by day. in mojave and before, it was a block of photos for each day, all the same size. for catalina, they did this (which came from ios/ipa dos):

this new layout made me think some photos were missing because their artificial intelligence decided since they were similar i only needed to see the first shot. sheesh!

does anyone know how to convince the app to display the photos->day view the pre-cataline/non-ios way? a default-write command perchance?

just after posting this, mucking about with the places option, discovered places->grid, which is essentially what photos->days used to look like …

so maybe i’ve found my own answer.

There’s also Photos > Days

I think all you want is the All Photos view—the button next to Days. That shows everything in a normal grid.

This typo made me laugh given the photos of beer in your screenshot – I assume that typing IPA is fairly common for you :joy: :beer:

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tried that. a grid of photos is useful but the pre-catalina “days” mode was all photos the same size (unless rotated) split up by date. that made finding things a bit easier.

as above, places->grid almost gives the layout i was looking for. biggest difference: the lamented “days” mode allowed you to make its thumbnails bigger.

Does your Places > Grid view lack the slider for thumbnail size, or does it just not go large enough for your needs?

the scale doesn’t go as large as the old days view. it’s livable, though.

Ah, I see what you’re looking for. Yes, Apple keeps flipping what Photos (and iPhoto before that) shows as its main view, so it can get confusing, especially after you’ve become accustomed to one of the views. I personally always need to be in All Photos or the equivalent since I work with screenshots in Photos a lot, and they’re seldom interesting from the algorithm’s point of view.

I still don’t quite understand why you’re looking in Places if you want a grid sorted by date.

In my Catalina Photos in the main Photos section there’s an All Photos tab and a Days tab at the top. Both put pics sorted by date on a grid with a slider at the top left that lets me adjust size. Days seems to have some variation in display size, All Photos shows them all at the same size which I set with the slider. AFAICT that;'s identical to how it was up until two weeks ago when my main Mac was still running Mojave.

What he’s looking for is a grid with separators for photos taken on each day, rather than the huge undifferentiated grid that All Photos provides.

I just noticed that the size of the thumbnails in Places > Grid is tied to the window size. When I make my window the full size of my 27-inch display, they get pretty darn big.

that’s it exactly.

i run photos fullscreen on a 27" imac as well. the old photos->days did allow you to enlarge the thumbnails bigger than the places->grid view but the latter is adequate for my obsessions.

Yeah, of course. Now I get it. It’s about grouping by day, not just sorting by date.

Is it just me or is it odd that Apple hid that away in “Places”? I would take that label to indicate grouping by location (map or satellite view), but not by time. Maybe it’s just me.

Looking at photos via the Days header does hide photos. Using the All Photos header puts photos in a grid. If the window is sized using full screen aspect ration, I see 6 normally proportioned photos (landscape or portrait) in 3x2 grid.

Viewing an album makes the pictures smaller, placing them in a grid that appears to be about 4x2.5-3 (2 complete rows and a portion of a 3rd). If I want to look at photos from a date range, I can create a smart album and it will use the album parameters for the grid.