*Default* resolutions of 14 & 16-inch MacBook Pros

Apple and other places list the native resolution of the displays in the Apple Silicon 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros (3024 x 1964 and 3456 x 2234, respectively) but I can’t find a site that lists the effective resolution when they’re left at the Default resolution in macOS. Can someone provide a link to a source or share the values from their own hardware? My understanding is the resolutions didn’t change between the original M1 Pros and the current M2 Pro models.

Why do I ask? It’s time to replace my work computer, a MacBook Pro 16-in. (Intel, 2019), and I need to pick either the base 14-inch or base 16-inch. My current MBP has a native 3072 x 1920 display which is 1792 x 1120 at the Default setting. If the current 14-inch’s effective resolution is at its Default setting is the same or better, I’ll probably choose it for its smaller size and weight.

Looks like 1512 x 982 is the 14” default. Smaller, a bit of a trade off but perhaps not that bad an option if you do move it around a bit.

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I can confirm what @tommy says: 1512x982 is listed as default here on my 14" M1 Pro.

I usually run it at 1800x1169 though. Apple offers several lower resolutions: 1352x878, 1147x745, and 1024x665 in Settings > Displays.

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Thanks to you both.

Before I had my current MBP, I probably would have been one of those who considered using a resolution that required interpolation “sacrilegious.” However, I don’t have “golden eyes,” my primary display is a non-Retina 27" monitor and the scaling with interpolation on the built-in display has been fine for me.

So now I’m considering the new 16-inch running at its default resolution, which is actually a bit smaller than what I’m currently using (mostly in the width, which isn’t an issue) or the 14-inch at the 1800 x 1169 interpolated resolution. On the 14.2" display, that’s effectively 151ppi, smaller/denser than the 132ppi I’m used to (1792 x 1120, 16 inches). I think my aging eyes can take it. If I’m wrong, I can finally get computer glasses to compensate.

I hear you. I remember initially also being very skeptical of running at an interpolated resolution. But then in 2013 I got a retina 13" MBP and ever since I’ve had multiple retina MBPs running at interpolated resolutions and I’ve never actually had any trouble with it.

I run my current 14" MBP interpolated while also using a 27" 4K Dell external screen at an interpolated resolution (2560x1440) of its native 3840x2160. I honestly couldn’t say there’s any problem with that either. The Dell is a great monitor, but the MBP has an awesome internal display (brighter, better contrast). Neither ever struck me as not interpolating well.