Default Folder X 6.0

Originally published at: Default Folder X 6.0 - TidBITS

Major upgrade for the Open/Save dialog utility that brings support for macOS 14 Sonoma and introduces a new Quick Search window. ($39.95 new, upgrades available, 17.2 MB, macOS 10.13+)

How and where do you get a coupon to obtain the upgrade discount for a Tidbits member?

Another poster mentioned they’d had trouble with the TidBITS coupon code not working, but it worked for me a minute (literally) ago following these steps.

  • went to the TidBITS Member Benefits page (TidBITS Member Benefits - TidBITS),
  • found Default Folder and copied the Coupon Code (XXXXXXXXX),
  • went to St Claire store page and at the top chose “Click here for upgrade pricing”,
  • clicked the Find My Upgrade tab and filled in the required info for St Claire to find my license,
  • pasted the Coupon Code in the appropriate spot on the Default Folder purchase page.

All worked seemlessly.


Perhaps a deal for paid TidBITS’s members. Though I could be wrong. Posting here may make it public…

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Yes, please don’t post coupons that are exclusive to TidBITS members. I’ve XXXXXX’d it out now.

Outstanding app, and I feel a bit lost when using someone else’s Mac which doesn’t have DF installed. I upgraded moments after the app informed me of the availability of a paid upgrade.

But darn, I wish I’d checked the Tidbits site yesterday and known I could take advantage of a discount on upgrades (which is a pretty rare thing!). That said, I last paid for an upgrade in 2016 so I got my money’s worth and I’m not too mad.

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I DL’d and installed DF-X v6 (with discount, thanks for fixing that :–). Works great on my fully patched 14" M1 MBP and ARC’s Save As PDF dialogs no longer go ballistic. YAY!

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I just paid for the upgrade myself, and used the TidBITS coupon code. I would have totally forgotten that there was a TidBITS coupon for the upgrade if someone hadn’t mentioned it here, so thanks. (Not that it isn’t worth the full $20, but hey, five bucks is five bucks, as they say.)