Decent simple reminders app for mac?

(gastropod) #1

I have a 27 inch iMac running Sierra. Any alerts that pop up, assuming that they ever show up at all, don’t show up in my visual field at all. sound is of no use, since I’m often not at the computer when the alert comes. It used to be bad on a 21’ or 24" monitor, now it’s impossible. There’s also the serious lack of snooze options for Reminders and Calendar.

What I want is the much beloved Alarming Events from the Classic era. Since that’s not possible, what should I try?

I need a dialog box that comes up in the middle of the screen with largish text that can’t be hidden by other windows, and completely flexible snoozing, from minutes to years plus particular dates and times in the future, all settable in the alert. I don’t need or want sync, operability or data exchange with any other apps, or any other fancy features (though if it could remind me about friday the 13ths in advance, it would be nice). Just genuine alerts that can’t be missed, with simple repeating alerts, such as daily or every month on the 5th.


(Diane D) #2

I found this article that may have something that appeals to you. I’d be interested in knowing what you decide on, and if you can use Siri to set reminders to yourself with another app.

Way back in the Classic days I remember having some sort of timer app that would tell me to check the laundry or stove. I now use Reminders for that, but yep I miss them sometimes!


(Tommy Weir) #3

I use Due, it’s a very effective reminder app. There’s iOS and Mac version (which I don’t use at all, it can sync but I prefer my hassling to come from just one location). It parses natural language, it can be repeating, it’s flexible as to setting up prompts.

I don’t use it as a list app, or broader task manager, I use Things for that though I like Folding Text’s schedule timer feature for crunching through a set of tasks on a project. But for plain old reminding and nagging, I like Due, it’s good.

(Doug Hogg) #4

I also use Due on my iPhone.