De-authorization of devices

I had 5 (max) authorized device when I got a new MBP M1 Max - to allow for authorization of the new device the only option is to deauthorize all devices and re with them individually - so - my 24” iMac which used to be my music server no longer starts up so was unable to de-auth it so my 27” iMac - my old MBP and my phone and watch were all listed as devices in my account - so - after de-authentication of all devices the three macs were no problem adding but my phone and watch now ask me to reauthorize them by typing my password - on my watch I cannot see to be able to spell an uppercase Y which is in my password but without a keyboard I cannot get it to work - on my phone I cannot figure out how to or where to go to get to the authorization section so both devices are not listed so - my contacts and nots and music and printers are all affected by this debacle and apples support site has no documentation re this watch/phone authorization issue - I have twice schedules support call backs and have not been called so here I am hoping someone knows about authorization and how to get the watch and phone working correctly again? Thanks in advance for all replies!

I believe that you may have confused authorization with association. Up to 5 computers can be authorized for an account and count as associated. Up to 10 devices (including computers) can be associated with an account. There are various time limits on how often these can be switched. So, when you unauthorized all your computers, that should not have affected the ability of your phone, tablet, watch, etc. to work with your account libraries. It’s been a while since I explicitly associated a device with my account. Still, I believe you do that by signing into one of the stores (App or iTunes) to purchase or authorize an already purchased app or media on the device. Once you do that the devis]ce is now associated with the account.


Thanks Alan - during a recent update to the iMac while turning on ADP it required updates to both my Apple TVs, two computers altho my watch and phone were up to date - it was still to this point asking me to sign into my watch which requires an upper case Y be typed into the touch keypad - I don’t know if you know but I don’t know how to make an upper case Y by writing cursive on my watch screen = in any case - after updating everything with restarts in hasn’t asked me to log in on my watch so - I’m happy!

Yes typing passwords into a watch can be very difficult, but my experience is that when it is necessary, you can do it in the Watch app on the phone instead.

I think a notification to this effect appears but can’t recall detail.

You are certainly correct re typing in a password in the touch pad of the watch - thanks for the info - I will look out for an indication the phone keyboard will substitute in the future when needed - I didn’t see one for this episode - I hope that is an option cause I don’t want to go back to school for the basic stuff - its hard enough staying up with the current stuff let alone what’s coming - LoL