DarkSky replacement with Apple Watch complication

I’m searching for a replacement for DarkSky now that Apple has disabled it. There are lots of weather apps in the app store, but NONE of them (as far as I can tell) have the same local status complication that DarkSky had. It displayed the status of the local weather (temp, and sunny/cloudy/raining/ etc.). I have Forecast Bar, which comes from the same crew that wrote DarkSky, and I really really hoped it would have a nearly equivalent complication. As far as I can tell, it has no complication at all. If I’m wrong, I’d love to have someone point me in the right direction.
Well, I was wrong, Forecast Bar DOES have complications (as does the Apple Weather app), although none of them combine the current temp and weather state that DarkSky used to have. I’m currently using the Forecast Bar display of current temp and High/Low temps.

Before exploring everything out there, see what’s possible with the latest version of the Apple Weather app.

The basic complication shows the current temperature and a 10 or 12 hr temperature range. Tapping it shows the temperature forecast for 10 hours. Tapping again shows the sky forecast, while tapping again shows the % precipitation forecast. Using the crown to scroll any of these shows more including current AQI, UV Index, wind speed, humidity, visibility, and a 10-day forecast .Several of these indicators have their own complication. I have one Infograph watch face that includes 4 weather complications, all from Apple Weather,

How about Hello Weather?

I have Carrot Weather and if you’ve got one of the paid options…I have the Plus at $15 a year…and if you do not specify a location beyond “my current location’ then it will show you weather for where you are actually are. I have the Carrot complication on my watch and it works fine.

There was an article on one of the Mac specific web sites this week…cult of Mac at https://www.cultofmac.com/801242/dark-sky-alternative-carrot-weather-apple-weather/ that details how to get as close to what Dark Sky did as possible.