Dark Sky Goes Dead ๐Ÿ˜ž

Wunderground (Weather Underground) has

this, and

this. The criteria for whatโ€™s acceptable are tweakable. I use the second to plan out my week. It does cost $20 per year, though.

Thanks Paul! Iโ€™ll check it out. That was one of the apps I had in the past but it was a long time ago. I think at one point I had 4 weather apps plus MyRadar, now Iโ€™m down to that and Apple, but I really miss the wind forecasts.


After a run around the various options, Iโ€™ve settled on Windy, I have a windy premium account, similar price. I like how visual it is, all the various layers you can add, and the ability to select between various data sources and the clear explanations for the strengths of each. I find the wave height and wind strength are important for my projects off-shore.