Custom Mailboxes on iOS -- When Oh When?

I am a very organized person when it comes to organizing my mail. As a result, probably like others of you here, I have waited literally years for Apple to introduce custom mailboxes on iOS. To me, it seems like something they should have done long ago. With all the bright minds at Apple, I am sure that they can find a way to implement this, so that we can easily sync our custom mailboxes from say an iMac to an iPhone.

Yes, I know that it can more or less be done if you have an IMAP Gmail account – and I assume any other kind of IMAP account – but considering the work that it would require, it is just not worth it in my case. Here’s why:

I have literally hundreds of custom mailboxes and subfolders in them on my iMac. To manually set that up by adding them all to my online Google account would be very time-consuming.

IIRC, a long time ago when I did attempt to use my IMAP account to set this up on my iPhone, it simply did not work. I can’t remember for certain the details now, but I seem to recall that it would only allow me to create top level mailboxes, but with no subfolders in them. IIRC, even with that, my messages were not being sent to the right mailboxes on my iPhone. Maybe the situation has gotten better since then.

Anyway, I was wondering what other folks here think about this feature. Have you desired it as well?

Personally I don’t see the need, at least for purposes of organization. I just dump nearly every email I receive in the Archive folder and use Mail’s search function to find them later. Similar to the “data lake” theory of organizing Finder documents being discussed in the Finder Tags thread. Ironically, I’m a staunch folder/subfolder guy when it comes to Finder docs, but I can’t really say why. :man_shrugging:

Well, Jeff, I guess I am just a lot more meticulous and perfectionistic than you are. What more can I say? :smiley: