Creating styled email signatures

Looking for some help to find a multi platform (ie Mac and Windows) utility or app to create clean, styled HTML company email signatures for use with various clients (Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird).

Is this a thing or am I dreaming in technicolor?

I don’t want a cloud-based tool as it usually entails a subscription or requires access to manage email accounts (eg Wisestamp or hubspot).


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You can do this easily and directly by designing a template in Word. It is also a breeze to edit, and you can download sample templates here:


But keep it short, very short! I receive dozens of emails in which the text of the mail is dwarfed, often by a factor of 10 or more, by the length of the signature. When it comes to tracing an email chain, usually printed for me because I haven’t been privy to the actual exchnage but must review it later, I have to plough through page after page after page of worthless, pointless signatures with tiny nuggets of possibly interesting text interspersed.

Email signatures are evil. We’d all be better off without them.


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I kind of agree, Jeremy. This is a request from our communication department. I’ve already stalled for a while because the overly complex signatures we received were causing delivery problems.

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I do not load remote images in email messages, which someone with an HTML signature might be tempted to embed, and I reply in plain text. A signature should convey information rather be a conduit for pretty colors.