Create an Authors page?

The individual author pages on TidBITS are great

(Though I’m not sure how Rich Mogull managed to escape the standard URL format! Rich Mogull, Author at TidBITS)

But in a discussion with a friend today, I was looking for a page listing all TidBITS authors, and couldn’t find it. I’m thinking of a sort of table of contents linking to tall the author pages (so essentially a list of the tags that are added to the top of each article). I don’t know if this is easy to do or not. It’s clearly not high priority or worth spending lots of time on, but I think it would be nice to see everyone and a great way to show the breadth of contributors that TidBITS has.

A good idea, and one that I’ve had on occasion too. I can’t remember why we didn’t do this originally when designing the site. It might be related to the fact that we have a vast number of authors over 31 years—nearly 400—so figuring out who to list and how might have been too complicated.

I suppose we could make a simple static page listing the key people…

The main irritation I have is that our current (JetPack) search can’t search on author name. We have a grandfathered search plan that’s a lot cheaper than what JetPack does now, and that prevents us from doing certain other things. And we had to move away from SearchWP because it could hammer the server in bad ways—JetPack’s search offloads to another site.

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I knew it would be quite a few authors (one of the attractions of such a page!) but never dreamed it would be so many :open_mouth: Four hundred does sound unmanageable!

I noticed that search didn’t work on authors names as I resorted to trying that. Funny how certain things that seem simple can turn out to be complicated.

None of this is a big deal, and it’s only of interest at all because TidBITS has such a long history with many excellent contributors. :grin: