Could iOS 16 have made iPhone screen more sensitive?

Ever since updating iPhone SE (2020) from v 15 to v 16 my phone is exhibiting a major increase
in pocket dials and other activity.
To include:
• Face Time and basic phone calls
• Lonnnng strings of random text input into Message threads
• Random audio recording in Messages
Typically when completing a text thread, or phone call I push home button
and close out the activity.
What I don’t do is to swipe all apps off the screen backgroune queue … perhaps I need to employ that method… which might prevent this new spate of random opening of phone and messages apps that are in standby mode?

I try to remember to lock the screen so that running apps do not receive input.
You might also try changing “Touch Accommodations” in Settings/Accessibility. I have not experimented with this.

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