Copying large files in macOS

So I am trying to backup my Photos Library (182 GB) to an external drive and it seems stuck on the “Estimating time remaining…” part with no movement for over a day. This happened before so I tried to copy the file/folder with CCC but the files did not match in size or numbers of files. Is there another way to copy this file?

( I am trying to make an eDrive with TechTools and the current version and it keeps telling me I do not have enough space and thought that temporarily deleting some large files may help. It may not, but I do need to back them up anyway)

Are you using Time Machine for the backup? If so, the permissions can conflict. I’ve never used Tech Tools or CCC, but they might be confusing the permissions also. Try plain old dragging and dropping. If you’ve got multiple libraries, try doing them one at a time.

Sorry if I was not clear but the Finder copy and drag and drop would give me a “Do you want to replace the old version” with “OK” an then the long over a day thinking if it was going to copy and no progress on the progress bar. It may have copied if I let it go for a few more days, but as I did not see any evidence things were progressing, I would cancel it after a day. Would this be any better with Command line commands?