Copying diagnostic information

So both my wife’s iPhone and mine spend a considerable amount of their sync time in a step iTunes describes as “Copying diagnostic information (Step 3 of 6)”. This always happens, regardless of wifi vs. USB sync or sync&backup vs. just sync, and it even happens if you’ve only just synced before. She’s on HS, I’m on Mojave, both iPhones are SEs running the latest iOS. The issue has been with us since ages so it’s not related to a specific iOS 13 update. Neither of us suffers from any crashes on iOS so it’s not clear what is actally being logged so much. It appears this “diagnostic information” could be dumped into ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/iPhoneName/

Is there any way at all to turn this off? As a non-dev on iOS, I’ll never look at any of this. I don’t want to have put up with the extra sync time. I don’t want to waste space on my disk with it just as I don’t want my TM to take longer and fill up faster due to all this garbage data. I could just write a short script and have it run as a cron job to nuke the directory every night, but that doesn’t really prevent it from happening in the first place.

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