Controlling when the mouse clicks by voice

I have to do a lot of mouse clicking, and my arms hurt.

Is there an app for the iMac that enables controlling when the mouse clicks by voice? “Mouse click”, “Mouse doubleclick” etc.

I don’t need help moving the mouse, just getting it to click.

There are devices to do this, but they cost about as much as a new iMac!

Before Rosetta stopped, an applescript app named Extra Scripts did a great job, but it doesn’t work now.

If anyone has any other ideas about how to click a mouse other than by finger, I’d also love to know about them!

Thank you.


iMac Sierra, but could upgrade if needed
six-y.o. computer

Take a look at the accessibility features. With Mouse Keys, you can control the mouse with the keyboard including clicking on the mouse by pressing a key rather than the mouse button.

On newer Macs, you can also click and move the mouse based upon facial position and expressions. On my wife’s new iMac, I was having fun using just my eyes to move the mouse, and clicking on it by sticking out my tongue.

You can also use the tab key, space bar and return key to handle dialog boxes. Use tab and shift-tab to highlight the right button and space bar to click on the selected button. Or press return to click the default highlighted button.


Woo-HOO, David!

Even Apple said I couldn’t use the accessibility features to do that!

You’ve given me a reason to go buy a new iMac.

Thanks so much!


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David, in Accessibility where are the settings to enable what you can do on your wife’s Mac?



Okay. On my wife’s brand new iMac M1:

  • System Preferences->Accessibility
  • Pointer Control
  • Alternate Control Methods
  • Enable Head Pointer: This allows you to control your mouse while moving your head. You can set it up where the mouse moves where you look or moves when you look at the edge of the screen.
  • Enable alternate pointer actions: This allows you to control mouse clicks with facial expressions or assign alternate keys.
    • Clicking on the + allows you to assign new facial expressions to particular clicks. Pressing the circle with the ellipsis allows you to use switch controls. For example, I can assign the F1 key to a left click.
    • Facial Controls. Sticking out tongue to do a left click. (Or blink, lip pucker, nose scrunch, or smile).

It’s a fun thing to play with and I’m very jealous.

This also works on my seven year old MacBook Pro. You don’t need an M1 Mac to do this.

Thank you!

Sorry to be so late replying, but there was a Major Computer Emergency at home yesterday!