Controlling hearing aids with an Apple Watch

Has anyone tried to control a hearing aid using an Apple Watch? A teacher with a hearing aid wants to know if it is possible to thus avoid carrying an iPhone around when teaching.

My Resound aids have a watch app whichI’ve used once or twice but realistically the iPhone is easier…and I never tried it without my iPhone because I’m never without my iPhone. I put my iPhone in Airplane mode and lost connection from the watch app to the HAs…so the phone would need to be along for the conversion…although potentially a cellular enabled watch might work without it but I can’t test that part.


If you have a cellular Apple Watch then I guess you are also wondering whether you can make and receive phone calls with the HA via your Apple Watch instead of an iPhone.
I have researched this issue recently and the answer seems to be no. I came across one article that claims Resound have looked at this but Apple won’t currently allow it. Being cynical, I could speculate that Apple wants to promote Airpods as hearing aids so doesn’t want the competition!
More info here:

(From 2016!)
And here

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I have just tried making a phone call from my Apple Watch cellular connected to Airpods Pro (2nd gen). My iPhone was powered off so only the watch had cellular service. I used the Phone app on the watch and it worked (the first try failed but the second call connected).

That Apple Support page explains the set-up.
So… Apple does provide hands-free services for the Watch - just not the HFP that is needed for MFi hearing aids.