Contacts duplicated after updating to Big Sur

Another new issue. Since upgrading to Big Sur I notice that all my contacts are duplicated. All my “Groups” are duplicated. This is on Contacts on both my Mac and my iPhone.

When I go into groups I also have a listing for “All iCloud”. I tried unchecking one of the two listings for each group (when I do that “All iCloud” unchecked too), but then I discovered that some contacts could not be found . Further research revealed that these are contacts that were never assigned to a particular group. I assigned one (of a duplicated) contact to one (of a duplicated) group and was able to see and search for that contact - If I had the entered group checked.

I guess I could just assign every unassigned contact to a group - but I can’t seem to find out who’s unassigned. Also - I’d like to find a more elegant solution than assigning someone to a group every time I add a contact.

Anyone have an idea?



Jesus - that happened to my iTunes library when I upgraded to Catalina - getting really tired of these rushed out the door upgrades so they can deny you support even with apple care on a newer product because your not using the latest worst OS!